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Development Squared!

Supporting the development of others while developing self is one of the most rewarding journeys in leadership. We’ll show you how to guide your team to high performance. From establishing the right match to techniques to help them uncover and meet their goals. 

Coaching & Mentoring

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Who it's for

Leaders with a desire to develop others


  • Understand the coaching/mentoring relationship

  • Identify the different roles of a mentor vs coach

  • Guide meaningful conversations

  • Support the growth and development of others


  • The role and you

  • Establishing a the relationship 

  • Collaborative development conversations

  • Giving effective input 

Typical duration:

2 days


Small groups session

Remote or face-to-face

Ask us about:

Continued development drop-ins

Related Courses

Team Dynamics.jpeg

Help your team really get to know each other. This lively session uses fun tasks alongside focused discussion to drive understanding, appreciation and performance.

facilitation skills

Get the best out of your group sessions – we'll coach you to create a warm, safe environment where everyone participates to drive the learning and insights that you need. Invaluable for ad boards, symposiums, journal discussions and even the everyday internal meeting.


If you have STEM data for your MSL teams, we can help you quickly address development areas with bespoke, focused training. Our scientific skills sessions allow teams to confidently practice and embed techniques in a safe, supportive environment. 

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