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Team Dynamics

Creating understanding & efficiency

Sustainable great performance starts with great self-awareness. These fun and thought provoking sessions raise understanding of both self, team and those around us. Through practical exploration of preferences in communication, decision making, problem solving, feedback and leadership style we can help teams maximise strengths, minimise blindspots and value differences. 

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Who it's for: 

New and existing teams


  • Understand own personality preferences 

  • Appreciate strength in diversity 

  • Flex behaviour for improved outcomes

  • Identify areas for personal development


  • Myers-Briggs or colours tool

  • Potential strengths and blindspots

  • Problem solving and decision making

  • Communication style and feedback

Typical duration:

1 day


Group session

Remote or face-to-face 

Ask us about:

Large group inspiration or smaller group detail sessions

Related Courses

virtual communications

Virtual Communication

It can be difficult to engage people virtually, and speaking on camera is daunting for many.  Our team has expertise in television and radio broadcasting and will show you how to run meetings, present your data and lead educational sessions with confidence.

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& Mentoring

Enabling the success of others is one of the most rewarding aspects of leadership. Our experienced and qualified coaches will help you guide your team to high performance.  

facilitation skills



Get the best out of your group sessions – we'll coach you to create a warm, safe environment where everyone participates to drive the learning and insights that you need. Invaluable for ad boards, symposiums, journal discussions and even the everyday internal meeting.

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