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Sales Meetings

Sell without selling

Clients want to be sold to about as much as they want a branded desk toy. Through relationship and storytelling we’ll help you and your team create a collaborative client relationship. From authentically building trust and rapport to listening and asking the right questions at the right time we’ll help you refresh your toolkit. Expert coaching and feedback will make sure you’re confident and ready to go.

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  • Build trust and rapport quickly and authentically

  • Create a mutually-valued partnership

  • Uncover short and long term opportunities

  • Discover your light-sabre (then give it away)


  • Story and your meetings

  • Character and your relationships

  • Asking great questions

  • Advanced listening skills

Typical duration:

1.5 days


Small group or conference session

Face-to-face or remote

Ask us about:

Pre-course engagement and post-course embedment

Who it's for: 

Sales teams and account managers

Related Courses

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We’ll help you whip your pitch into shape and make the most of your opportunity. Content, slides and delivery style will all get a thorough workout. Press-ups optional.

virtual communications



Our virtual communication coaching brings the punch of presence to your video-self. We can help you be as good on Zoom as you are in the room.

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Don’t make your audience play a part in your story, be allies in theirs. We have screenwriters and novelists that will show you how to create a compelling journey with your information.

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