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Business Storytelling

Connect with your audience

You could do a presentation, you could try to persuade or convince -you could also leave behind a branded mouse mat. Wouldn’t you rather connect and collaborate? Don’t make them play a part in your story, be allies in theirs. We have screenwriters and novelists that will show you how to create a compelling journey with your information. You don’t need to rub a magic lamp, just email. 

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  • Master the essential dynamics of story

  • Avoid the common pitfalls of narrative

  • Create content that connects with your audience

  • Learn why James Bond is a terrible hero!

Typical duration:

1 day


One-to-one, small group, or conference session.

Remote or face-to-face 

Ask us about:

Pre-course engagement, post-course embedment


  • The key components of story

  • Characters and you

  • Building your stories

  • Coaching and feedback

Who it's for: 

Anyone looking to connect or influence 

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