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Performance Reviews

Maximise development opportunity

Feedback is supposed to be a gift, but it’s rarely well-received. That’s why we help teams and organisations establish a growth culture that’s constructive and supportive. From regular one-to-ones to organisation-wide 360 reviews, we’ll help you run an effective programme, working with you to define KPIs and prepare your teams to maximise the opportunity.

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  • Maximise impact of performance reviews

  • Create an effective and supportive programme

  • Identify strengths and development areas

  • Develop team and individual performance

How we can help: 

  • Create a 360 review process

  • Upskill teams for successful discussions

  • Prepare teams for challenging conversations

  • Support/run review sessions as needed

Typical duration:

2 days


One-to-ones or group sessions 

Remote or face-to-face 

Ask us about:

Methodology to suit your culture and aims

Who it's for: 

L&D teams, managers and team leaders

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